Retail sale signs and banners

Retail sale signs help retail business owners to attract more customers, drive sales, and make their business successful.

If your goal is to run a successful retail business, then you need to get noticed, and the best way to accomplish that is to start with signage — retail sale signs in particular.

Quality business signs present a simple yet highly effective way to drive more walk-ins to your store and, ultimately, sales. However, to reach your goal, you need to do this correctly and use the right types of retail sale signs. Avoid those retail store sale signs that can confuse or overwhelm your customers. Have in mind that your retail sale signs need to align with the overall design of your store and your branding, as well as with your website, and make you recognizable and distinctive as well. Don’t let your retail sale signs be an afterthought. Give them the attention they need to help you grow your retail business.

Consider these types of retail sale sign ideas to take your business to the next level.

Outdoor Retail Sale Signs

There is no better way to attract more customers and drive more foot traffic to your retail store than with an attractive and eye-catching outdoor retail store sign. Creating custom-designed outdoor store signs that are aligned with your branding and vision is one of the best ways to welcome shoppers to your store. Make sure that your outdoor signage conveys the experience that customers can expect inside of your retail store.

You can show off your products by decorating the windows of your store with printed vinyl. Entrance signs, storefront window graphics, sidewalk signs, awnings, and other outdoor retail signage — there are many options to consider. It is also important to make sure to make the signs visible to both walk-by and drive-by traffic, if possible.

Consider outdoor retail signs as the beginning of your relationship with the customer. This is where your customers create the first impression of your business.

Use outdoor retail sale signs to announce what your business is all about, to intrigue and motivate future customers to come in. If your signage is attention-grabbing and effective enough, it will encourage people to come in and give you a chance.

Retail Window Display

Retail Window Display

Custom Roof Signs

Roof signs are an obvious choice for every retail business that wants a city-wide reach. This type of outdoor store signs is especially effective if your store is located anywhere near an important transportation artery, busy roads, or a major highway. Depending on the space available, custom roof signs can be big or small and work as primary or additional outdoor business signs. Use the opportunity to add your business logo, brand colors to custom roof retail sales signs.

Free-Standing Signs

large, free-standing signs are the type of sign shop storefront displays that can be installed near the street to make the messaging more visible to the passers-by. They ensure maximum visibility. Built on the ground or installed on poles, free-standing retail sale signs can powerfully dominate the area close to your retail store.

LED Displays

Add some light and motion to your outdoor business sign with electronic retail signs, a LED display, and attract the attention your store deserves.

Outdoor Dimensional Lettering

Usually made of acrylic, metal, steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, copper, foam, or plastic, dimensional lettering can ensure durable retail sale signs that won’t crack, fade, discolor, or chip. They can be custom made for your specific needs, goals, and budget.

Outdoor Retail Sale Signs

Outdoor Retail Signs

Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

Whether you need your business logo, lettering, numbering, or everything together for your retail sale signs, vinyl lettering and graphics can deliver the solution to your needs. Usually available in a wide array of colors, these retail display fixtures can be cut into the exact size and shape you need.

Outdoor Pole Banners

These retail storefront signs are actually vertical banners produced in large or small sizes and custom designed to specific needs of retail stores. They impactfully draw attention to the messaging displayed on them. Two-sided or single, pole banners usually hang from the side of street posts and street lamps so both pedestrians and drivers can notice them.


Use mats both outdoor and indoor for promotional and informational purposes, logo display, or branding.

A-Frame Signs and Sidewalk Signs

These freestanding and portable outdoor store signs present a simple, affordable but also a powerful way to make passers-by notice you. They are especially convenient to use because they serve as outdoor retail sale signs when the weather is nice, but during inclement weather they can be taken inside and repositioned as needed. A-Frame signs and sidewalk signs are usually made of metal or durable plastic, so you can rest assured that they can take any kind of weather conditions or temperatures.

Inviting retail signage

Inviting retail signage

Indoor Retail Sale Signs

Inform, guide, and persuade your customers using indoor retail sale signs, displays, retail display fixtures, and graphics. Your options with in store signage are practically endless. A variety of innovative custom store signs, retail store displays, designs, materials, printing, and production techniques make distinctive and unique messaging possible throughout your retail store.

Window Sale Graphics

To start the communication with your customers as soon as they come into your store, use vinyl window graphics. Through them you can communicate new sale discounts, highlight new items, or pass any other information that may be important for their shopping experience. You can choose from a wide range of different window graphics options as they come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures.

Large Banner Stands

Don’t miss to inform your customers at the entry with retail sale signs. Place large sale banner stands at the entry of your store to draw attention to the new discounts or time-limited sales. These retail banners and sale signs can be designed and made in a variety of materials and sizes, completely custom according to your branding, ideas, and needs.

Indoor retail sale signs

Indoor retail sale signs

Hanging Banners

You can add liveliness, vibrancy, and color to your store using pennants and banners that hang from the ceiling. Choosing high-end fabrics and elegant materials that are consistent with your branding and interior decor can add a special feeling to your retail store.

Wall Graphics

Especially effective in store graphics and displays are wall graphics. This special group of retail shop sale signs can be used to announce upcoming sales, discounts, and informing about any other novelties in the store. Wall graphics are display signs that are especially convenient as they can be installed at the eye level, so the shoppers will easily spot them.

Indoor retail sale signs

Indoor retail sale signs

Floor Decals

Retail shop sale signs especially convenient to add fun to the retail space along with important sales and specials messaging are floor decals. This type of in-store signage is especially convenient for promoting seasonal discounts and are usually designed as retail holiday sale signs. They can be easily custom-designed to fit any holiday or any other occasion.

Retail Lightboxes

Electronic retail signs can be super effective inside the store. Use them to command the attention of your customers with light, scale, and impactful messaging. These backlit signs for businesses are so powerful that they can completely transform or at least significantly adorn your retail shop. Double-sided, ultra-slim, or single, curved or large format, retail lightboxes are electronic retail signs that can help your store truly stand out from the rest.

Shelf Hangers and Isle Interrupters

These in store graphics are especially effective for special, time-limited promotions, and important announcements. Both shelf hangers and isle interrupters can be used as attachments in various ways. They give the best results when placed at the eye level. They help you direct shoppers’ attention and improve customer experience.

Easel Signs

Small easel-style retail sales signs can be very effective on the countertops of the store. They can display current promotions and you can change them as promotions and specials come and go. Easel signs are available in a variety of sizes, print options, and designs.

retail sale signs

Make discounts visible with sale signage

Point of Purchase Displays

A point of purchase design or POP display is advertising installed next to the products it is promoting. Point of purchase display retail sale signs are usually placed wherever in the store where shoppers make decisions, most commonly at the checkout. They can be mounted on shelves, take the form of posters or hanging POP displays of a discount, a seasonal offer or product benefits, as long as they don’t interfere with the overall shopping experience or annoy your customers.

Permanent Indoor Retail Sale Signs

If you wish to create permanent indoor retail sale signs and use them for years to come, consider installing large frames that will allow you to change inserts. ts durability will ensure that your visual promotions and messaging always make a notice and readership, as well as lasting and powerful impression time and time again.

Persuasive Business Signs

Retail sale signs can take the form of persuasive signage as well. Persuasive signage is defined as retail signs that motivate customers to take immediate action. These are usually time-limited sale offers, seasonal promotions and discounts, brand new items, or featured products. This type of signs always has a persuasive call-to-action and is used to direct the flow of customers and effectively communicate with them.

Attractive images and convincing language are very important for this kind of retail sale signs. However, best practices don’t make the sign the main attraction and focal point. Your product is the focal point. Effectively used persuasive retail sale signs draw attention to the product, brand, or service, not away from it.

If you decide to use persuasive signage, make sure to use the right size — not too big and not too small. The size shouldn’t overpower the message you wish to pass, but it still needs to be large enough to be noticed. When choosing a design for it, make sure to draw attention to the offer or benefits, not to the signage itself.

Also, don’t forget to make your persuasive sale sign look consistent with your branding. Remember, it is also an announcement for what a customer can expect inside of your store.

Business sign

Business sign

How To Make Your Retail Sale Signs Even More Effective

By installing both in store graphics and displays and outdoor retail signage can significantly increase foot traffic and sales. However, make sure your messaging follows the best practices.

Write a Clear Call-to-Action

Make sure to communicate the action you wish your customers to take. Make it simple, short, clear, inviting, appealing, and inspiring.

Make Your Retail Sale Sign Simple

If your signage has too much information or too many visual details or colors, it can be confusing and overwhelming for your customers. The best practice is to convey a message that can be read in 5 seconds, not a second longer.

Make It Specific

Give all the details necessary for customers to make an informed decision, like location instruction or product information. Don’t put too many details.

Include a Punchline

A headline in your messaging can make all the difference. Take out all the extra, unnecessary words and see how your messaging gains even more power and effectiveness. This is the structure of ideally written retail sale signs is: punchline (or a headline), short explanation, and a call-to-action.

Retail sale sign

Retail sale sign with a clear call-to-action

Contact Graphic Installation Crew When You Decide To Give Your Retail Sale Signs a Boost

When you decide to give your retail business a boost, consider installing retail sale signs and give us a call at (888) 888-5715 or contact us through an online form. You can be assured that we’re already working on your ideas. Whether you run a small storefront retail shop somewhere in Los Angeles, or you run a large-operation business downtown Manhattan, and you need indoor or outdoor retail sale signs, our crew is here for you.

Graphic Installation is a nationwide company that offers sign fabrication and printing services for creating high-end, durable, long-lasting, and beautiful looking custom retail signs for your business. We can create a wide array of signs and graphic design prints, with custom fabricating solutions, including large format printing, sign fabrication, and signage installation.

After we create retail signs for you, we will also install them. Retail graphics installation is one of our specialties that we are very proud of. Take a look at some of our projects and contact us today.

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